Aura kingdom eligos 3 star

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We will get through this together. Aura Kingdom is an online multiplayer role playing game. It is free to play, and is set in a fantasy world where your character can engage with other players, battle mystical creatures, and embark on various quests. Eidolons, powerful summoned spirits, are useful during battles, especially in dungeons. Aside from giving you useful buffs, they kill monsters in your stead.

But as you gain more levels, monsters grow stronger in each map; it's up to you if you want to strengthen your Eidolon or not.

aura kingdom eligos 3 star

Eidolons only level by feeding them Experience Crystals until they have reached the required EXP amount. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet? Create an account. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. As the COVID situation develops, our hearts ache as we think about all the people around the world that are affected by the pandemic Read morebut we are also encouraged by the stories of our readers finding help through our site.

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This article has also been viewed 21, times. Learn more Explore this Article Using Experience Crystals. Using Crest Stats. Using Accessories and Evolution.

Related Articles. Part 1 of Get Experience Crystals. These crystals can be obtained through hunting open-world monsters, opening daily quest rewards, and also through Eidolon interaction. Most players use Eidolon Dialogue since it's more convenient than hunting in open world.

Feed your Eidolons with Experience Crystals. To feed Eidolons, simply click on the Eidolon button found below the screen, click on your Eidolon, and then choose an Experience Crystal in the list.Spirits obtained after summoning can be used to evolve an Eidolon to the next Star Grade. A percentage of Eidolon stats are shared with their Master depending on the Star Grade. Stars can be obtained by collecting the amount of Eidolon Spirits needed and evolving them after that.

Each new star not only allows more stats to be shared with the Master's the ability is called Eidolon Talentbut it also slightly increases Eidolon stats. Total Eidolon bonuses can be viewed in the Eidolon Arena. Please do your best to collect and evolve Eidolons. Evolving Eidolon to 4th and 5th star will finish Explore questswhich rewards the Envoy with Eidolon Rune Stones giving extraordinary buffs.

Envoy can interact with every summoned Eidolon. The interaction is done by "rubbing" the Eidolon until a speak bubble appearing above them will dissapear. Every level gives benefits by unlocking Eidolon connection with particular Eidolon and titles above the said Eidolon.

There are 3 Eidolon connection actions: 1-hour, 4-hour and 8-hour, which can be unlocked and Eidolon with high intimacy level. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

Connection and Intimacy Edit Intimacy Level Points Effect 2 5 Unlock 1-hour Eidolon connection 3 10 Unlock 4-hour Eidolon connection 4 15 Unlock 8-hour Eidolon connection 5 25 Eidolon received 2nd title 6 40 1-hour connection rewards increased 7 65 2-hour connection rewards increased 8 8-hour connection rewards increased 9 Eidolon received 3rd title Envoy can interact with every summoned Eidolon.

aura kingdom eligos 3 star

Categories :. Cancel Save.Name is self-explanatory. These are all the buffs that I know of that you can roll for your eidolon's star buffs. Just made this post since several people don't know all the buffs, and it'll be easier to navigate to.

I dunno if there is another post with the list, cuz I didn't see one. Hope this helps! If I'm missing any, please post below! Ty so much for this information! Yup confirmed, I got it as well. But my cannon broke a lot so its a pain. I am wondering if it is worth it to really change the buff of some eido like As the main post says, you can't get the same star buff twice.

Imo Normal Attack Speed is great cause you can hit between skills more frequently, but you can cap it. But his skills are so-so for PvE. Roll once, get aspd. But sadly, My star 1 buff and star 3 buff messed up I hope I get storm skill damage. I've rolled star 1 and star 3 buff, two or three times. If you have a nocturnal weapon, will the eido buff add onto it? Or will it just not work? Cores are a different story. The reason why you can't use two Nocturnal cores on your weapon is that two core effects won't stack together.

Cesela 3° Star -Gremio Sleeping Knigth Aura Kingdom PS

However, as proven with Bat Fang, you can combine Nocturnal and another leech effect. But hey. Nobody cares about the defensive aspect of something nowadays. Same as Futu, I don't know if the duelist noct stacks or not, since its a passive envoy node.

Eidolon with best skill huh? Stun is ehh since I like to control when the stun happens I use my own stun. Is it good enough using Freya with Reroll all her three buff star? I could live without the S rank ATK on her stats, though. And I personally enjoy DoTs so thats kinda another reason why I to do that Her weapon is crap though ;-; BTW! Updated the list with the names of the buffs, since the rerolls don't always show what stat you get. All rights reserved.View Full Version : More upcoming 3-star Eidolon.

That moment when most of people were waiting for that 3 Star Sig lookig like Athena, and now realise finnaly that wasnt her xD. Current Tigerius looks like a big fat kitty. Just to be clear 3-Star Sigrun has no wings. That's the back ornament of another character behind her.

aura kingdom eligos 3 star

Still star sigrun is shit. That tigerius Already was little scared that they would just like increase armor amount on it, but no, make it white tiger, dam right! But that 3-star is must get, all loli eidolons should just make way for awesome new thunder cat! Tigerius looks so awesome I wonder how they r gonna make Cleopatra 3-star Agree with people: Sigrun moved to waifu tier. And Tigerius, wait till I level Sigrun to 3 ok?

I know meng. And dat Sigrun. And fluffy kitty ball of Caesar makes me save up his key too. He's so cool, 1 axe 1 gun but still I dont use him much since his stats are not very beneficial for my chars. Based on the trends currently going, its safe to say that the 3-star is double the buff of the 2-star? For most Eidolon i suppose, tho eidolons like Merillee have HP absorption instead of double her 2-star buff.

Sigrun ran out of blue lipstick but more smexyness. I dunno why, but I I dont know how to put it but he doesn't give the same majestic aura as the original one.

Aura Kingdom Eidolons

Tigerius now is basically a big cat, tiger no more, emperor no more. But still deadly dps. I cant think how that would work lol. But all three is hot that I agree hurr ikr?More to come. Will update it soon. Shirayuki's oiran style fits her, but her color scheme is a mess now, blue was way better. I don't have high hopes for Cyril and Abraxas.

My Serena keys are ready. Wow, Serena was already pretty hard to get, getting her to 3-Star will be even harder. Totally want that 3-Star tho. Any info on their 3-Star buffs? Serena is nice but Shirayuki is definitely meh, her color is a mess now. Also, i don't know if i'm unlucky or not but ever since the first crash a few days ago. I actually hate afk fishing, I don't do it at all. Guess I'm lucky then. She's basically upgraded version of Uzuriel with same cdmg buff and better star buff from last star.

Actually all of those star buffs seem amazing, Serena wins in looks only so far though, cute. For me, Serena looks very cute! Is there any image of their 3star form? But expected to have the other two for the next hours. Not yet atm. But expected to have the other two for the next hours Oh, that would be nice! But hey, not everyone is me I guess. Ehh, I wont say I dont like Shira, but like Vermi, the colours are terribly messed up.

Now for Serena, she's super cute! Abra and Cyr. Abra the same? Not that bad, sad other eidolons crush him anyway. Q-Q Especially Cyrill!


I'm still going to post individual pictures despite this. Shirayuki is like wtf but I would still get her. I bet ppl still use Serena bikini shape xD.

Am I the only one who thinks Serena 3 star form looks more like Cynthia's? Nooooooooooooooope, the twins are stronk. Incoming Cynthia form for Serena and Serena form for Cynthia.

I don't know if anyone read that, but Abra's Trial mentions how he has a face. I was expecting them to show that. Her cuteness still makes up for this. Shirayuki Cyril Meh sub-par at best. Wow, seems Cyril got a real evolution. The others look like alright for me, not the best i've seen but it works.Back to the main page. The Cheery Sylph. The Eternal Youth. He is another of the starter Eidolons, and specializes in lightning magic. The Daring Dragon.

Another of the starter Eidolons, Grimm is a dragon hatchling that specializes in fire-based attacks. The Regal Unicorn. Alessa is another of the starter Eidolons, and specializes in light element attacks.

The Knight of the Sun. He is Serena's brother, though she holds a grudge against him. He uses fire elemental attacks in combat, as well as healing magic.

The Dragon Tyrant. Nobody is quite sure who he is, or what he is; he was never before seen in the Aura Kingdom, Terra, or Pandemonium. He uses dark magic to deal damage, as well as two swords. The Empress of Torment. She is a sadist who specializes in lightning magicand isn't an Eidolon at all, but a demon from Pandemonium who seems to have switched sides. Serena's Evil Twinand the Mistress of Moonshadow.

She represents the dark side of the moon, and actually rather likes Aelius She uses dark element spells with a celestial theme. The Midnight Witch, who has a nasty habit of breaking into peoples' dreams. She absolutely loathes Merrillee, mostly because she's incredibly jealous of her for having 'stolen' Serif from her.

She uses dark element attacks, and has several cat and pumpkin themes. The Queen of Shadow. Another demon from Pandemonium, she rules over a plane of Pandemonium known as 'Hellheim,' populated by the souls of the dead. She was also very close to Gram, the Evil Dragon. She uses dark element attacks. The Nine-Tailed Vixen, who can take the form of a nine-tailed fox, but usually appears as an incredibly beautiful woman.

She is a light elemental Eidolon who can also heal the player character. The Moonlight Maiden, and Aelius' little sister, though she absolutely loathes him and refuses to forgive him. She's one of the oldest Eidolons, and ride around on a floating Crescent Moon. She uses light elemental magic, and can also heal the player character. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this.

Get Known if you don't have an account. Merrilee Eve. Tropes applying to Merrilee: Action Girl : Despite her cutesy appearance, she is more than capable of holding her own in a fight.You can help by adding it. To see this Eidolon's Linking, Conversative, and Non-Conversative conversations click the link below. Eligos is based on Gilgameshthe protagonist of the ancient tale the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Eidolon Stats. Contents [ show ]. So, how about it - want to learn how to be a ruler? You've learned the first step of being a king: learning how to serve! And bring back some loot to prove it! I knew you wouldn't prove me wrong! To truly reign, you must give me what matters most: your heart and soul! This will be your last test. You're perfectly suited to be my servant!

I said I'd teach you to be a ruler? I have a feeling you know what I mean. You are indeed the most loyal of my subjects! But just to be sure, I need you to get a few more things. Now, get to it!

That's an order! I knew you wouldn't disappoint me! The reason I summoned you in the first place Eligos's Summoning Stone 8 messages. Categories :. Cancel Save. Duke of Darkness. Base: Max: Speed of Sound I. Onslaught I.

aura kingdom eligos 3 star

Onslaught II. The shadowy Eligos is a Grand Duke of Pandemonium, but with a nobler temperament than many denizens of that forsaken realm. He seeks to train any willing Envoys of Gaia in his powerful dark arts, and claims he can foresee the outcome of any battle.

Moon Slash. Eligos crashes into his enemy with the arc of a crescent moon, dealing Dark damage and decreasing their DEF. Eternal Darkness. Eligos attacks the enemy by infusing dark energy deep into their soul, then causing it to well up in a terrible explosion that deals heavy Dark damage.

Immortal Vision.

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