Cloud video surveillance free

It means that we have Xeoma running on our cloud server and you can connect your cameras there. The server will take up all load, maintainence and update, while you can connect to it at any time to view your cameras, their archives, download records of interest and use all the usual features of Xeoma you might need in the cloud!

Just a camera and Internet connection is what is required. Xeoma Cloud video surveillance can also be used in addition to computer-based Xeoma that runs on your computer to push video to the cloud. You can view this live and archived video over the Internet with Xeoma Client or in a web browser. Enter your email to get your personal 7-days-access to Xeoma Cloud for 2 cameras. Your email:. I agree to receive Xeoma newsletter. Minimum requirements to start working with Xeoma Cloud — just a camera and Internet connection.

No special knowledge required. Easy connection with step-by-step instructions and videos. No need to buy a sophisticated up-to-date computer. Xeoma Cloud servers are set up by our team of experts and is overall cheaper and easier than regular on-site video surveillance!

Your footage is safe in Xeoma Cloud video surveillance system — only authorized users have access to cameras, both in real-time and archive. Even if the camera is vandalized, they will never get the footage.

19 Best Free CCTV Security Surveillance Software

Unlike other cloud surveillance services that offer only motion detector and record at bestXeoma Cloud offers almost all of its regular featuresincluding PRO features: emap, object tracking and visualization, integration with cashier registers and home automation systems, synchronized view of multiple archives, with a few exceptions. Every subscription has: No advertisements or logo watermarks in camera live view or in archive. Unlimited live and recorded view.

Unlimited download of videos. Any image resolution. Unlimited fps. Enroll as our partner. After having purchased a subscription, a letter will arrive to your email with the connection data and password. You will need to enter these data into Xeoma Client. Download Xeoma Client from the download page. If you want to have cloud cctv running on your server use Xeoma Pro Your Cloud. Get to know how Xeoma Cloud will help your business!

Try Xeoma Cloud now for free! Buy Xeoma Cloud. Average storage time in the table is just an approximate calculation of how long video can be retained before overwriting starts if the camera has 0. You can calculate your average storage time based on this information, or ask us.

Overwriting will write newest entries over your oldest ones. Not unless you tried Xeoma. Other cloud services trick you into buying their seemingly economical subscriptions by adding hidden costs for nearly every feature you want to add or disable like watermarks. Also, they set very strict restriction on what cameras you can or cannot connect while with Xeoma Cloud you can use cameras of any resolution and refresh speed.

The solution is ideal for cameras in single or multiple locations, such as shops, parking lots, schools and etc.! If the camera has external static IP address: 1. Connect to Xeoma Cloud using received connection data.Looking for a modern approach to video surveillance? Business owners can easily, affordably and quickly make the upgrade to a state-of-the-art hardware-free cloud video surveillance solution.

For enterprises with large numbers of locations, costs can add up quickly for surveillance management. Enhance your solutions and earn recurring revenue.

Build a profitable recurring revenue stream on your camera installations with cloud video surveillance, all under your own brand. This capability is great when you want to generate daily Read more. However that locked a number Now customers can easily customize their camera layout to create their own custom view. Any changes can Cloud video surveillance made simple. Camcloud is a hardware-free cloud video surveillance platform, perfect for businesses.

Camcloud has all the bases covered, delivering a modern platform that outperforms other cloud video surveillance solutions. Move to the cloud and protect your business. Control costs in your enterprise. Build your business. Become a Camcloud Reseller. A modern platform that outperforms other cloud video surveillance solutions. Connect your cameras directly to the cloud for fast and fail-safe surveillance.

Auto-detect cameras, install the latest firmware, and configure the camera for the cloud. Explore Features. Cloud video surveillance has worked extremely well for AJ's and we look forward to protecting our growing business with Camcloud in the future.

If there is ever any issue, Camcloud is aware even before we are—which provides a confidence factor that we have never found elsewhere. We needed to go digital and fast!

See our case studies. Our premium camera partners.

Xeoma Cloud Video Surveillance System at great prices

Manage cloud video surveillance from anywhere. Explore a more modern approach to keeping an eye on your business. Ready to get started with Camcloud? Find out how easy it is. Contact Us.These let you monitor the security of your home or office easily. You can also check out best free internet security software and best free ad blocker software. By using your webcam you can remotely monitor your house with the help of this freeware.

WebcamXP is a handy network camera and webcam monitoring tool that permits you to use multiple sources of videos on a PC. You can use this freeware in a store to keep a strict watch on suspicious persons. Yawcam is a free and useful CCTV security surveillance software for your computer. By using this freeware you can monitor your house with the help of your webcam. This freeware runs on your PC without showing anything on your PC screen.

You can use this freeware to protect your home or office from thieves and robbers. With the help of this freeware you can use your webcam as a Security surveillance solution for your computer. By using this freeware you can record many hours of nonstop video recording of your home with support for motion detection. With the help of this freeware you can monitor your home or office by using your webcam.

Its main feature is people detection option. This freeware easily converts your webcam into a CCTV security surveillance software. With the help of this freeware you can monitor your home or office so that they can be safe from thieves, robbers and suspicious persons.

This freeware captures snapshots at regular intervals and detects every motion. With the help of this freeware you can easily monitor your home or office.

cloud video surveillance free

This freeware makes a recording of your webcam feeds and send an email with the picture attached to it or upload it to an FTP site. This freeware comes in client as well as server versions. You can use Netcam server for streaming of webcam through internet or LAN. You can easily access cameras which are connected to different computers in your network from anywhere in the globe with an internet connection.

The client application of this freeware lets you manually configure the settings of USB webcam or networks and to keep a track of users connected to it.

With the help of this freeware you can see your webcam from any place in the world.

cloud video surveillance free

Installation is not required for this freeware. This freeware gives you a distinct URL which you can access from anywhere in the world. By using this freeware you can monitor the security of your home or office easily. With the help of this freeware you can easily monitor your office or home with a webcam. The main feature of this freeware is advanced motion detection. You can customize this freeware to send email alerts. With the help of this freeware you can easily convert your computer into a CCTV security surveillance system.

Camera Viewer Pro is specially build for small business and home users.We respect your privacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. Wireless security cameras help you keep a virtual eye on your home. For better or worse, most manufacturers have designed their products to utilize cloud storage sending footage to a server that you can access via smartphone over local storage saving footage on a memory card.

But not all wireless security cameras offer cloud storage free of charge. Consumer Reports tests and rates wireless security cameras, and below we highlight the brands and their respective models from our ratings that offer the most free cloud storage.

Not sure which type of wireless security camera is right for you? Our home security camera buying guide covers the types of cameras on the market, how to pick a model for your needs, and potential privacy concerns. To create a comprehensive testing methodology, we leverage our expertise in camerasTVsand other connected devices, focusing on ease of use, wireless setup, response time of smartphone alerts, picture quality, and smart features. All these features factor into our unique Smart IQ score for smart-home devices, allowing you to see which cameras are smarter than the competition.

Continuous recording is more expensive. Nest is the only manufacturer that offers continuous recording only. For both storage types, footage older than the time provided in your plan is automatically deleted.

For example, if you have a day storage plan, footage is deleted once it becomes 61 days old.

1080p Wire-Free Home Security Cameras WITHOUT a Cloud Subscription? eufyCam E

Netgear Arlo Free storage: 7 days Netgear offers a rolling seven days of free storage of motion-based recordings for up to five Arlo cameras. It also receives decent scores in our video-quality and Smart IQ tests. As for features, you can expect geofencing, two-way audio, and voice control via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Shop Netgear Arlo Pro on Amazon. Other features include two-way audio, monitoring zones, and person alerts. Monitoring zones let you choose specific areas from which to receive or block alerts—handy for receiving alerts along your walkway while blocking alerts from your busy street.

Person alerts let you know when the camera thinks it sees a person, which can be useful for blocking alerts caused by animals or rustling trees. Shop Canary Flex on Amazon.

While this can get expensive, Nest will discount Nest Aware plans up to 50 percent for additional cameras in the same home. Our testers also found that it offers dependable video quality and great response time. Its many features include geofencing, a magnetic mount, person alerts, two-way audio, monitoring zones, and voice control.

Shop Nest Cam Indoor on Amazon. You want to keep what you have safe from burglars, right? On the ' Consumer ' TV show, Consumer Reports shows you how to protect your property when you're not home. I'm obsessed with smart home tech and channel my obsession into new stories for Consumer Reports.Download free version Software turns your PC into a video surveillance system.

You no longer need to pay anything to the cloud service for video surveillance! After launch, the main window will appear:. After installing video surveillance program, the first thing you need to do is allow the application to have access to network devices. If you deny access, the program will not be able to find network cameras on your local network.

Video Tutorial: 1 How to use video surveillance software? Video Surveillance Software. Video tutorial. Tiles can be moved or moved to multiple monitors using drag-and-drop. The panel with recorded events event time, event name, webcam is displayed on the left side of the main window. On the right are the tiles with the video coming online from the webcams. At the top is a panel with the main tabs: Desktop - the main window for displaying events and video from cameras; Devices - a list of devices ip cameras, usb cameras that you need to use for video surveillance; Archive - view video archive and events; Settings - general settings of the program.

Search and add new devices You can find all onvif devices and USB cameras automatically using search form on the Devices tab. Connect both ip and usb cameras.

cloud video surveillance free

Or add devices manually by clicking on the tile on the main form. Add new IP camera manually. Devices can be found automatically or added manually. To do this, enter the rtsp address of the video stream. At the top, select the device type - ip camera. Using the " Test " button you can check the availability of the device. USB camera can be added only to one tile. IP camera can be placed on several tiles at once. View video archive Immediately after starting the program begins to create a video archive.

All working cameras record in time lapse mode, even if nothing happens in the frame. If there is a movement in the frame, the automatic recording starts 10 seconds before the start of such movement. All events clips are located on the timeline and are highlighted in red. Finished videos in time lapse mode are highlighted in green. Events are shown in red.

Ivideon. Smart Video Surveillance

Time lapses are highlighted in green. Video track corresponds to its video camera. Each video track corresponds to its video camera. First, select the video track at the bottom to view the video for the corresponding camera.

cloud video surveillance free

At the top you can select the date of the archive.We make it easy for you to keep an eye on things at home, when you are away. And with your recordings accessible via the cloud from our easy-to-use mobile and web apps, you are able to easily access, monitor and manage your media, on demand.

Or try Camcloud for free and see how easy it can be. Cloud Video Surveillance for Home. Your home in the palm of your hand. Convenient, reliable cloud video surveillance for the home. Connect almost any camera to the service. Setup is easy and you can leverage mobile apps, health checks and notifications. Secure Cloud Storage. Open Camera Support. Multiple Physical Sites. Cloud Storage Timeline. Mobile Apps for Android and iOS. Notifications Notifications. Camera Health Check.

Motion Recording Motion Recording. Motion Recording. Continuous Recording Continuous Recording. Continuous Recording. Edge Storage Recording. Extended Storage Plans. Multi-User Accounts. Camera Groups Camera Groups. Camera Groups. Dealer Notification Monitoring. Dealer Setup and Configuration.

Wireless Security Cameras With the Most Free Cloud Storage

Timelines and Live views are logical and easy to access. Setup Camcloud for your home today! Try our service with no commitment. Connect a camera Plug your camera in and follow our easy step wizard.

Start Monitoring Use our apps on your devices and gain peace of mind. Cloud Video Surveillance Solutions.The video can be viewed from any web browser or mobile device. With no limits on cameras, locations or users, VIAAS allows you to deploy surveillance seamlessly at one or many sites at a pace that meets your needs. There are no channel or cloud data storage limits. Multi-site, multi-user surveillance is managed through a single web-based user interface. VIAAS cameras record video only when something happens and ignore hours of nothing.

For each video segment, motion tracking captures key images. The images show you what the video segment is about without even watching the video. You find what you are looking for by scanning the images. When you have narrowed your selection, you view the video with a single click. VIAAS cameras deliver great images in almost any situation. The ultra-wide dynamic range sensor provides great images in even the toughest day time lighting situations.

VIAAS is not only affordable to purchase, it is affordable to own. To minimize future upgrade costs, VIAAS remotely manages and updates the cameras with ActiveSoftware so your camera is always up to date. Network bandwidth can be a significant, hidden cost to owning video surveillance systems. VIAAS cameras are easy on your network when you need it. They initially encrypt and store recorded events in the camera and then move those events to the Cloud service at a rate and schedule that you set based on your network needs.

Now is the time Our most vulnerable Deter crime before it happens Prepare today with a risk-free demo. Get Started Book a Demo. Your browser does not support the video tag. Monitor Unlimited Sites from the Cloud With no limits on cameras, locations or users, VIAAS allows you to deploy surveillance seamlessly at one or many sites at a pace that meets your needs. Includes cameras, mounts, online video storage Zero-configuration: Just plug the cameras into any broadband Internet connection View video from any web browser or mobile device.

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